Ubuntu is dropping Unity

Yesterday something very unexpected, at least to me, happened.

Canonical announced that Ubuntu won’t ship Ubuntu with Unity anymore, starting from 18.04, instead, it will come with GNOME.

I was following the development progress of Unity 8, but not very closely, every time I saw something, it did not look very polished, I know it was under development, but it didn’t seem exciting, I think I can put it this way.

While I have no hatred against Unity, I do believe it is a solid desktop environment, and I see that there are really good things about it, it felt like something a part of the Linux ecosystem and OSS, even not being so, but where else you would see Unity if not Ubuntu?

Even then, I’m a bit sad that Unity is going away, but when one door closes, another opens and this change may be very good to GNOME, that’s what I hope. GNOME could get more attention and be heavily improved. There are many people that do not look GNOME and like Unity, maybe with this, the good parts of Unity can be used to improve the weird parts of GNOME (top bar I’m looking at you).

Besides that, it should help Canonical make other Ubuntu areas better overall and contribute even more to the community and OSS.

Let’s see!




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