GNOME Pixel Saver

One thing I don’t get in GNOME is the top bar, after using Unity and OS X (or macOS), it seems that the top bar waste some space. Both Unity and OS X use the top bar as a menu bar, which is pretty useful while saving space.

On Unity, the top bar doesn’t show the menu while you don’t put the cursor on the top bar, so it still has a clean look. On macOS, the menus are always there, while it doesn’t make interface worry free, you already know where are you going if you want to use the menus.

There’s an awesome extension that helps GNOME’s top bar to behave more like that, saving space, called Pixel Saver. It doesn’t show the menu items on the top bar, but it hides the window title bar when applications are in full screen and show the window title in the top bar.

That’s something I’d expect GNOME to offer by default, hopefully there’s this extension to fill the gap.

I think the extensions are a very important part of GNOME Desktop Environment. If it wasn’t for extensions like Pixel Saver, maybe I wouldn’t be using GNOME right now.


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