Google Play Music Connect

The music service from Google launched 4 years ago (exactly 4 years ago, according to Wikipedia), and this week Google announced some changes to their music service, mostly related to music discovery and recommendations. And that’s it.

But from all of the major competitors in the streaming music services, Google’s one is the less competitive.

No desktop client/application

Google Play Music is the only one without dedicated desktop clients, I mean, not even for Windows or Mac. You can say that there’s the Chrome app that works offline but it’s not a desktop app, it does not compare with Apple Music or Spotify.

No remote control app

Both Apple Music and Spotify offers a remote app, Apple has its Apple Remote app and Spotify has its Connect feature built-in, which is great, by the way.

Not terrible, not good

Google Play Music seems to fall behind the other alternatives, and as much I’m tied to the Google’s ecosystem, Spotify, and Apple Music looks far better options.

The only thing I can think that’s “exclusive” to the Google’s streaming service is the “free iTunes Match (kind of available on Apple Music subscription)”, which allow you to store 50 thousands of songs for free and stream to your devices, but if you take the “free” out of it, you also take the exclusiveness.

If you really want to use Google Play, there’s some hope. There are some third-party applications, like Unified Remote and Remote for GPMDP, to fill the “remote” gap.

And for the desktop client, there’s someone is doing the work Google should be doing.




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